Are you currently unemployed? Have you passed through frustration in the hands of employers? Do not let your heart fail. It does not mean that you have failed, it just shows you that it is time to look at the situation from another dimension! Most businesses owners today started their establishment because at one point or another  in their lives they faced rejection and had no other choice but to start something, just to survive. Every rejection is a push to to change direction. Rise, hold your shoulders high and put your mind to work! Let not unemployment be your doom, let it be a stepping stone to launch you into your own empire!

Another sad truth is that many people who think they are employed today, are suffering the same scourge as the unemployed! There is no job security, payments come late (if they come at all), amount to nothing, and have no impact against the daily increasing demands of human needs and the global economic downturn.

So if you have no job, feel frustrated, this post is for you! If you think you have a job, but in truth you have nothing to show for it, this post is also for you!

It is time to look at the times, and follow the hand of the clock. The world clock is now ticking ONLINE. It is time to start something that brings you something to support your income, or bring some capital to found your own business. It is indeed a great advantage that we live in such a time that someone can create and manage a business from the comfort of their sofa, using their smartphone!

Follow me, let’s go online!


What is online business?

Online business

Any legitimate activity you carry out on the internet that fetches you an income, is an online business. Whether you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, networker, internet service provider, etc, even a facebook account that you use to promote people’s content and get paid, it is an online business.

Last week a friend shared in a webinar, how he makes money from facebook groups, just by recommending products in his comments. He is a man of knowledge and can present a winning argument on any topic. His comments are always informative and very convincing. Most people found that he could create and hold attention, so they took advantage of the opportunity. They pay him dollars daily to recommend their businesses and services in his always-popular commenting spree! So my friend is now making serious money daily, just by making arguments on facebook! Now he has thousands of followers on Instagram, twitter, linkedin, myspace and youtube.

This is a business. An online business. He sits back in his room, and gets alerts, followers and fame. These days, he has started publishing critical reviews of musicians, politicians and world economies on his timeline and groups. I have since urged him to start a personal blog and a review website to have his own personal platform, to pull his followers together. I am sure that if he does, he’ll have hundreds of thousands of dollars from people who would want to advertise their products and services on his blog, which no doubt will pull a lot of traffic judging from his currently large social media followership.


What are different online businesses you can start for free?

As you can see, my friend did not pay anybody anything to start making money. He started with zero capital. Okay someone might ask, what of the data he buys for internet access? Facebook also has free facebook, that you can do almost anything without paying for data! There are many other online businesses that you can start with zero capital, to build your own empire, or add as a side hustle.  These include:

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1. Blogging


you can start a blog free! Thank God for many providers like, blogspot, wix etc, that allow you to create and monetize your own blog without having to build a website, or buy hosting and domain. Though these may have some restrictions, many people have made a living by sharing ideas, news, and other high-value information on blogs made with these platforms. All you need, is to identify an area that you have interest, something that you derive joy discussing. It could be football. You can create a blog on football clubs, and share regular football updates there, and post your arguments there. It will shock you how you soon start attracting football lovers to your blog who will like to come and grab some football gossip or updates from you. Once you have some good traffic, you can monetize with google adsense, Adcash, infolinks, propellerAds, Popads, or other popular AD networks that pay very well. We will make an update on our most recommended AD networks soon, just make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter!

2. Affiliate Networks/Brand Representatives/Social media influencers


This is where you refer sales to a company, and they pay you a commission. Nearly every company or business does this. Meaning that there are no limitations to where you can work as an affiliate or influencer or how how much you can make. If you have a large following on social media and have some digital marketing skills, you have hit the jackpot! Read on.

If you have up to a thousand friends on facebook, and all you do online is chat and chat and chat away your time, then you’re missing on a good business opportunity! You can from the type of posts made by your friends and connections, tell their interests. Eg, Cars, phones, football, fashion, website development, web hosting, health, entrepreneurship, etc.

You can search out websites of companies that provide these services, most of them have an affiliate program that you can sign up for free. Most of them already have resources, blog posts, videos and images etc, and you don’t need to spend time creating them. All you need do, is understand their products. Make posts with enough details about these products, tag those friends that have similar interests. If you are convincing enough, you will have people click on the links in these posts, to get to the companies themselves. Each click, can get you money (depending on if the Company pays affiliates for clicks), and each click has chances of conversion (a purchase of the company’s product) which already is assured to generate revenue for you.

This option might sound a bit stressful, but it’s actually very simple and many people are making their living from it. Some make as much as $500 per day, as their pay is not limited, so far as they refer sales. Many affiliate marketers now build their own blogs where they specifically talk about these products more deeply.

Some people, known as influencers, take advantage of their popularity on social platforms to recommend and promote products. They get highly paid by the businesses for this.

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Examples of affiliate marketing jobs/Influencer opportunities

A. Web hosting companies:

Most web hosting companies have affiliate programs where they pay their affiliates for every hosting package sold. Everybody knows how important online presence is to every business. Affiliates use this information to get entrepreneurs and startups to buy web hosting to build websites, get official email for their businesses, etc. Hosting companies like Solidhostglobal, even go as far as offering their affiliates free hosting, domains, cash and other rewards in addition to their commission. And they pay you every year, as long as your referred client is still using their service! Others include namecheap, bluehost, and so on. You can refer sales for VPS or other high-cost services and make as much as 500 USD or more depending on what the client bought and the percentage the company is giving you.

B. Website and software design agencies:

As everybody is now going online, the need to automate business processes becomes insurmountable. Many affiliates now organize webinars about websites, e-commerce, business software, web design and software development. There they teach people the benefits of these products and services. They also get experts from the provider (IT) companies to present their services in these webinars. They then refer many business owners to patronize them to get websites, mobile and web apps, and lots more, to move their businesses. These web and software design/ IT agencies pay these affiliates as much as 5-10% of every deal closed. And a mobile app can cost as much as a thousand dollars or more! A website may cost more or less, but it is still something. You can make as much as a thousand bucks per webinar, not to talk of referrals that you do on your social media, blogs or offline.

At Ozconsultz, we have a BRAND AMBASSADOR PROGRAM, that you can join for free, and earn as much as 10% of every deal you close! We offer you a dedicated Ambassador dashboard to monitor your impressions and conversions, manage withdrawals (to your paypal or bank account) and lots more! We offer many services as you can see on our homepage.  You can generate links for each of our services, a customized link that you can use on your blogs and social platforms. You can also, generate referrals from offline and get us contacted when you close a deal. You can even close for prices above what is on our listing and we will pay you the extra and still credit you with your 10% ambassador bonus! You can check the program knowledgebase here for more details. We have a plan to take our ambassadors through series of skills acquisition programs that will equip them for more opportunities to make money online and offline.


3. Freelancing

Make money, working on your own, on your own terms, as your own boss. This is freelancing.


If you have a skill, let’s say website design, copywriting, editing, translation, graphics design, etc, you can get yourself set up and start making money at no cost!¬† All you have to do, is get people to notice what you do, and patronize your skills for their relevant projects.¬† You can share your skills with your friends and family and ask them to recommend you to their networks. As a freelancer you make as much money as you can work, instead of working like an elephant under an employer and getting paid peanuts that leave you with a great load on your credit card and loads of debts that you end up with , in a bid to take care of your daily needs.

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Most people when they work for a couple of years, and get enough money to support themselves for a while, they resign and start their own freelance jobs, using the connections and intellectual resources  they garnered from their former jobs as a foundation.

Because you’re like a fish out of many, in a river of opportunities, you will want to be in places where you can be noticed and hired. This is where freelance platforms come in.¬† Freelance platforms like Jobspaddy, Upwork, Fiverr, etc, allow you to create your freelance profile, and showcase those to potential clients. They also help you secure your money while you are on the job, to avoid getting duped by fraudulent clients. Most people who use Jobspaddy report that they experience instant account approvals, good support, low withdrawal limits (about 40-50USD), and free service/skills posting. Upwork, fiverr and others are equally good, though most times you have to pay to express interest/apply for a job, and a higher withdrawal limits up to $100, and signup approvals are not that easy.

In case you don’t have skills yet, there are many free resources on the internet that you can learn on your own, and empower yourself to make money. Don’t limit yourself to paid jobs, learn skills, establish yourself and have multiple streams of income.

4. Web Hosting Business

Web Hosting Business

Even though it is not totally free to start, web hosting is worth mentioning. It is one of the best online businesses that you can get into with as low as $12, even without any special skills or technical knowledge. As a web hosting provider you can make as much as $500,000 per year, every year. Because your clients will get to be paying you every year to renew their hosting. So you have something like a lifetime income/annual salary. If you started with reseller hosting, your host is responsible for providing technical support and making sure that the server and resources are available. All you have to do is find clients, and give them support. This is a really big opportunity. All you need is;

  1. Find a good provider
  2. Purchase a reseller Hosting plan to start with or buy a fully managed VPS or dedicated server if you have the money
  3. Set up your storefront with wordpress or any other CMS you’re comfortable with.
  4. Use WHMCS to automate and  manage billing and support, and also to resell DOMAINS, SSL, EMAIL, SITELOCKS, etc, as extra sources of revenue at no additional cost.

There are many hosting providers out there that you can start your hosting business with. There is one that stands out though – Solidhostglobal.

With their reseller hosting packages you have:

  1. Low starting costs, $12 only!
  2. Free domain for life!
  3. Free SSL for you and your clients
  4. Free WHMCS on yearly renewals
  5. Free sitebuilders for you and your clients
  6. Free payment gateway integrated
  7. Superfast servers, on litespeed and cloudlinux
  8. Sufficient CPU and resource allocation (I/O, physical memory, concurrent processes, etc)
  9. 24/7 friendly support on email, tickets, whatsapp and livechat
  10. Free domain reseller account
  11. Antivirus protection, powerful server level anti-hack and malware protection and lots more!

There are many other providers like Namecheap, Godaddy, Resellerclub, Resellerspanel etc. Our update is soon coming up, on a list of the most recommended reseller hosting providers. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter! or keep a date with our blog and social media handles (FB, TWITTER, LINKEDIN, REDDIT, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, all with the name @ozconsultz)


This list is not exhaustive and we will update this post with more business ideas and opportunities from time to time.

Have any questions on anything? Drop them in the comments section or use the chat button on the site to reach us on any of our channels.

We wish you the very best in your endeavors.


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