Does your business really need a website?


The absolute answer is a YES! Every type of business in this age and time needs a web presence to grow, to expand it’s horizon and to meet up with competition.
A website stands to serve all the advantages of a physical office/business , but the catch here is that a website breaks the barrier of limitations of reach, time and lockdown too 😂. Offices may close, stores can shut down but a website remains online 24/7 keeping your business open to clients and prospective customers. Furthermore, with the advantage of search Engines anybody anywhere can see your business, check your products and services without leaving the comfort of their bedroom. The automation of transactions, gathering of followers and customer engagement offered by a website is another great advantage.

What If you can’t afford the cost of building your own website?

There are still several social media platforms and online directory services where you can establish your business presence and showcase your products or services at very little or no cost. Facebook for example now has page templates for online stores, and businesses to fully showcase their products and services. Even appointments have also been integrated, all for free. Our online business directory service has a forever free listing plan where you can create your business profile, add your product/services details, links, and a contact form for prospective customers to reach you. Also included are review forms to collect and display reviews to show people how satisfied your clients are. All for free!
Over 95% of all sales today start with an online search, and only businesses with a web presence will gain from the unlimited world of the web

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If you want to get your own website

Free online listing, or facebook page for your business is okay, but nothing can replace the need for a professional business website. It might seem to be expensive, but then nothing comes absolutely easy and free. A website with your own domain and hosting is as good as getting your own office block for your business. Nothing can compare to the sweetness of an automated business, with sales, appointments, payments and nearly everything run by your website, with a guaranteed 24/7 online presence.

To get your website you can check for verified freelance website designers on websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. There are also website design agencies. so many out there to choose from and you can get your website set up and running in no time. No matter how big or small your business, if you dont have an online presence for it then you have not started!

You can still use our professional business website design service with many included offers like;

  1. one year free hosting
  2. free domain registration (For .com, .net,, .org domain extensions)
  3. Free SSL for life
  4. One year free site technical support
  5. Guaranteed uptime, as we maintain a working relationship with your host to give you a hitch-free hosting experience.
  6. And much more!

You won’t find these easily on any other website design agency! Feel free to direct your questions and requests to our support team using our livechat support or our social channels

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