How to Get a domain name

What is a domain name and how does your domain name affect your business?
A domain is the primary part of your web existence. Aside from being your web address, it tells a lot about your business even before people get to see your website.

Registering a domain
Registering a domain name is the first step to getting an online presence (website). There’s ICAN, a world body that administrates the registration of domains that makes sure that no two websites can share the same domain name, helps prevent domain theft and keeps the domain system running without friction. Once your domain is registered nobody else in the world can register the same domain. That is why each domain purchase starts with a domain search where you’ll see if your choice domain is available, or already taken by someone else. Most domain registration providers also make suggestions. Eg. The domain is already taken. A domain search will show that it has been taken and further suggest available TLds of the same or related name eg,, etc. Most hosting companies now offer domain registration too, so its quite easy. At the point of buying your hosting you can register your domain, or at the point of domain registration you can add hosting.

How to choose a domain

Now your domain has to be relevant to your type of business. Example Adams bakery company should not use something like, or A name like, or, will be more appropriate. It gives whoever hears the name a rough idea of what the business/website is all about. Choice of keywords in a domain name should be narrowed down as much as possible to the registered name of the business itself.
Nowadays brainstorming on a domain for your business or website has become quite a big task. Because no idea is new, what you’re thinking of has already been or is being thought of by someone somewhere. To get the perfect name it helps to ask close friends to furnish you with as many suggestions as possible before you begin your actual domain search on a provider.

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Can I get a free domain?

Many web hosting providers offer free domain registration when you buy their hosting services. Some also give a lifetime free domain when you purchase a ‘capital product’ from them.

We have yet to find a provider that gives free domain without any strings attached. This is not a big deal because for each domain registration there are ICAN and other associated fees that they have to pay.

You can however, get a free domain registration when you order a corporate website, e-commerce or any other website type design with us. Feel free to chat us up if you have any questions or requests.


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