You should know by now that nearly all transactions; to get a car repair when trapped on a journey, get services, products etc; all start with a search on google, yahoo, bing, duckduckgo etc. Let’s say you’re looking for recommendations for a business to start in 2020, you just enter your browser and type in ‘best businesses to start in 2020’ and you’ll see a list of suggested businesses from different websites. Or you are looking for  Unlimited solid hosting provider to host a blog, you can simply type in your browser ‘Unlimited solid hosting provider’ and you’ll have thousands of search results ordered by ranking, showing you various hosting providers.
Now you should know that once your website/business is on the web, bots (search engine spiders and crawlers) will constantly ‘crawl’ your site for information (unless you block them from their so) The information they gather is arranged using algorithms to give users (searching online) relevant results like the one you see on google or yahoo search pages. The quality of information can be improved by providing these search engines a map (sitemap) of your site, making it easier for them to index all the urls on your site for information to improve your search appearance and performance.
Search engines go a long way to help you monitor how people interact with your business by giving you information on user searches, keyword performances, user geographic data. This is obtainable using the ‘analytics’ feature of search engines. In google you’ll find this information in ‘Google Search console’. This information helps you know which searches bring users to your site, how long they stay on your site, what links they click on, which keywords convert and a period search performance report. This whole information helps you plan your content presentation better and improve your website’s overall performance and in effect your revenue.

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If your website is on the web and well optimized for search engines you’ll find that people from anywhere in the world searching for your type of products or services can easily locate you via search engines. Such traffic is called ‘organic traffic’. You can still decide to use ‘paid search traffic to get search engines to show your business on search result pages when users search for keywords related to your business. Not many website owners have the time or knowledge to optimize their website for search engines. There are various service providers that offer this service. Our services also include an expert SEO (search engine optimization) service that you might want to check out.
Now Research has shown that businesses that have well optimized websites and using organic traffic increase their revenue by over 65%. Inclusion of paid search raises it to well over 85%. Even if you don’t have a website you can still use a business listing service to create a business profile that can still get you a place on google and other search engines if your listing provider is well optimized for search engines.

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