Can you get SSL certificate /HTTPS for free? The answer is YES!

Before we tell you how, wouldn’t you want to understand what SSL means?

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol which encrypts data transfer between your website and user’s browser. You can confirm if a site has this protocol by checking for the green padlock icon in the website address area of the browser. This encryption makes it harder for a 3rd party to sniff around and steal information. Search engines have huge regard for websites with SSL, which is a very good reason why every website owner is encouraged to have an SSL certificate. It’s not really that expensive to get a domain validation (DV) certificate.

Can I get SSL for free?

With some web hosts You can get a free SSL certificate with your hosting package.
Namecheap offers 1 year free SSL certificate. So do some other hosts. Godaddy has various SSL offers. Solidhostglobal offers a free SSL for life with all their hosting packages.
It remains pertinent when purchasing web hosting to check whether your prospective host is offering free SSL, and if not free, if the cost is friendly with your budget.

So what if you already found yourself on a just that doesn’t offer free SSL?
It’s not the end of the world! 😂 You can still get a free SSl Certificate at SSL For Free Website .   There they’d guide you through how to generate a certificate signing request, and use the details to get a free SSL Certificate for your website. Lets Encrypt is a non-profit organization that decided to offer free SSL Certificates to website owners as a solution to the previously very high cost of SSL that forced many website owners to remain without SSL. Their project is supported by Google Chrome, Facebook, Mozilla, and many more companies.

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