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    These are some of the issues you may encounter during your application/registration to our Brand Ambassador program and helpful tips;

    Password strength

    Your password is a very important feature for the security of your account. It is for this reason that we enforce use of strong passwords. It is normal for people to want to use simple passwords that would be easy to remember, but then if it is too simple anyone can guess it and hack your account, change your payment details and withdraw your commissions without you knowing.


    When signing up, use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. The password strength meter will turn GREEN once your password is strong enough. You may not be able to submit if the password strength meter doesn’t turn GREEN.


    Username and email

    Sometimes you may get an error if your chosen email or password had already been taken. In the case of username you can try another username of your choice, it’ll be accepted once the system confirms that no one else is using it.

    If you get an error with your email saying your email address is already in use, you may have registered an account on the site earlier, as a client, for support ticket, or for business listing. In this case, you should open a support ticket or use the support button on the site, state that you’re applying for the Brand Ambassador Program, but your email is already existing. A staff will get in touch with you in matter of minutes, and you will get instructions how to proceed.


    Avatar Upload

    The avatar is supposed to be of small size. If you find that your photo is not uploading, check the image type and size. Accepted image formats are jpg and png, and image should be no more than 2MB. You can compress your photo to a smaller size to upload, or choose another image.

    Once uploaded, the image will show in a pop-up with options to crop. Drag image to the right crop, then click SAVE.

    For the best experience, we suggest to do the application/registration on a PC or DESKTOP device.

    That’s all for now, if you have challenges registering that are not mentioned here, you can comment below, or open a support ticket for immediate assistance.

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