Valentine’s Writing Contest
This is the Season of Love! We will be rewarding the winner of this competition with $50! And all participants with an enrollment coupon for our next writing Contest! Submissions will end on 14th February.

Do share with us your love story. Let us know how you fell in love. Feel free to write as you feel like. Our Readers will decide on Valentine’s day!
How to participate

1. Enroll

2. login here

3. Come back to this page to take the contest.

4. Submit your story, picture, and Enrollment Payment Confirmation/invoice

5. Invite your friends to vote your story (Optional)

6. Await the results. Voting will start on 14th February and last for two days after Valentine’s day.

7. Check your email for contest updates, also when the competition is over you’ll get a 100% discount coupon for our next Contest.

All the best!

Just visiting? You’re highly welcome!
View our contestants’ submissions, read and begin deciding your best writer! From 14th to 16th February you’ll have the chance to vote.

NB Voting button will be visible on the day of voting. you will not see the ‘vote’ button again after you have cast your vote. You can vote only once.

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