Business Startup and Growth Mentorship

Do you want to start a business and you do not have the faintest idea where to begin? Have started a business and you do not know how to grow? Let our business growth and development experts help you with their years of professional in setting up, growing and supporting businesses.

How to get a mentor

  1. Create a request ticket
  2. Make sure to describe yourself, your business goals and challenges.
  3. We will review your request and match you to a mentor.

For now this service is free and we also accept experts who volunteer to join our team in helping individuals and startups change their story.

Invest in the world of tomorrow

Invest in the future that is going to be ours, a future of self-reliant and financially independent intellectuals and experts in different fields

Volunteer as a mentor

We are partnering with volunteer – experts and professionals who have succeeded in various sectors of the world economy, who have the passion to ignite the fire into businesses and entrepreneurs, help them overcome the obstacles of inexperience through dedicated intensive mentorship.

If this defines you, If you have the experience and the passion, do join us!

This is more like charitable work, do not expect gratification from your mentees. It is not allowed and we reserve the right to suspend and sue any mentor who exploits a mentee.

How to volunteer as a mentor

  1. Create a support ticket
  2. Indicate clearly your wish to become a mentor, stating your experience, qualifications, availability and every other detail that may aid your application.
  3. You will get prompt response to the ticket.
  4. Once satisfied, we will approve and welcome to join us.
  5. We will start assigning mentees matching your profile to you.

Want to acquire skills?

Knowledge is power!

Get access to countless courses on our online academy, many of the courses are free, get knowledge, discover yourself and fly!

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Join forums and platforms!

Search for forums and online platforms where your areas of interests are discussed, learn with every opportunity, from people of like minds and same interests

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Don't be discouraged

Don’t be discouraged by challenges in your field. It is evident that the greatest men became what they are today by facing and overcoming their challenges, not running away from them!

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