Flowers and Seedlings Supply Services

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We Supply Flowers, Flower Pots, Seedlings and seeds nationwide. We also supply special breeds of different fruits and garden flowers from abroad, specially imported per request.

Do you want to have a flower garden in your house? Have You just finished building your house, hotel church, etc?  The next thing is to garnish the environment with special flowers. Make Your guests hesitate to leave each time they come visiting! We will Visit your place on request, take a survey of the place and recommend  the most suitable flowers for your project.  No matter where you live, there is no place too far to feel the touch of natural beauty. You already know what you want? Much better! We will check your request on our catalog and schedule for supply.

Are you planning to venture into agriculture part-time or full time? Our services are also for you. You can count on our special breeds of Guava, Paw paw, Plantains, Oranges, Mangoes, etc  (native, hybrid and imported ) to begin your venture. We regularly visit research stations and update our stock with the most productive and disease-resistant breeds. All you need is just chat us up/Request a free Consultation with the button below

Finally, aside supply, you can also hire our flowers/Seeds/Seedlings planting service. Using best agro-principles for each product, we ensure you get zero mortality for your supplies. Most people do not know that the planting requirements and conditions of each flower or seed/seedling are not the same. Whats the use of spending money to buy flowers and seeds/seedlings that do not survive to satisfy your purposes? We re just a chat away!

  • Get regular expert advice on maintenance of your Garden/Orchard
  • Get Expert Recommendations for Pests and Disease control
  • Feel free to share to your friends and family!
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