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Godaddy remains a name that one cannot miss as far as web hosting in UK is concerned. They have spread their tentacles far and wide with so many improvements and expansion of their services.
After several requests from our clients for our opinions on this popular web host and domain registrar, we decided to take a closer look at Godaddy. We monitored their performance over a period of 5 years that we have used their services (for our clients) and will share our observations below.
To get a firsthand experience of their services we started off with a domain purchase for our client, under mutual agreement. Here’s a run down.
1. We did a couple of domain registrations with them for our clients. We can say that they merit their fame as a Popular domain Registrar. Their first year Registrations and transfers-in are always discounted or free; obviously a strategy to win over more customers to their side. After which renewals come at shockingly high prices.
2. We hosted a number of Our clients’ sites with them, since December 2015. We could confirm that over the years they have worked hard to duplicate their exploits as a Renowned domain Registrar in web hosting. Their uptime was good, with fluctuations here and there. Their loading speed and server Uptime improved considerably over the years. Now they can comfortably compete with major stakeholders in the Web hosting sector, while still maintaining unbeatable records as a domain registrar. It’s true that no hosting company is exactly perfect, Godaddy too has had its own share of Server crashes, Hack incidences and other occasional flaws that currently reflects in many online reviews of their services on many review websites like hostadvice.
3. We observed the rate of their increase in Upsells and a kind of vindictive product pricing strategy over the years. Godaddy had become quite infamous for this. Even the Free SSL certificate that most web hosting companies give for free is not free with Godaddy basic hosting packages. Even website backup is automatically subscribed and charged on customers. At checkout of any of their products and services you’ll see for yourself how they carefully premeditated their pricing and marketing models.

4. Basic Features that normally come free on other web hosts (Migration, backups,Security and SSL) are charged for.

5. They offered and still offer a customer service experience that is better than many hosts out there; with nearly 24/7 phone, email and livechat support.


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Godaddy Web Hosting | Expert and Customer Reviews


Customer Support


Server speed and Uptime







  • Phone,Email and Livechat Support
  • Free/Discounted 1st year for Domain registrations/transfers
  • Good Uptime and Server speed


  • Dicey Pricing
  • Confusing Money back Guarantee policy

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