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Welcome to the Ozconsultz Brand Ambassador program!

Have you got an enthusiasm for web development, digital marketing services? Have you got the skills to be our brand ambassador? Turn your passion into a massive source of income. Make over 500 dollars monthly just by representing us and sharing your passion with the world.

See how it works

How it works


Target Right users

Grow an audience, and do your targeting homework. Who is in need of which of our services? Is there a way we can be of help to them? Can you help them get access to our services that they need?


Use our handy tools

Whether you have a website of your own , or you use online platforms, we have extensive tools to help you increase and monitor conversion, Our extensive Dashboard gives you everything you need to earn big as our brand Ambassador.


Different ways to earn

Earn from different streams, from conversions, and from people working under you! Yes you read right,  you can refer and help other people join the program and earn a good percentage of their revenue.


Lots of prize awards

Get rewarded for good performance. Your earnings will be increased as your performance improves. You earn like double or more of your original revenue, with our regular prize awards.

Bring to the table
win-win survival strategies

Our program is a win-win for you, for your audience, and for us. If you have a website or blog, you have the chance to generate great content that ranks high on search, which you can monetize, use our tools to guide your audience to our  services and solutions. Help your audience access our services, improve your digital marketing and PR skills, earn every step of the way.

Introduce people to our program, mentor them and earn with each conversion they generate. What better way to earn from your comfortable zone, at your own time – being your own boss.







Twice profit than
before you ever got in business

Our program is tailored to benefit you every step of the way. Aside from learning and gaining new skills, you earn from your content, from conversions, and from other brand ambassadors working under you. When your campaigns grow your percentage revenue per conversion grows. What could be better than this combo!

And you know what? We have support standby 24/7 to answer the questions of your audience or help you out in mentoring your downlines. There are support buttons on our products pages and client pages.  You can also take advantage of our business growth mentorship services to boost your campaigns.

Did you know that you can eventually become part of our company if you develop skills relevant to our services? In this digital age and time, you don’t need to leave your home to make good money.

See some of our services below to get an idea of what we do.

Also check our knowledge base via below link for more details on this program

Services we provide


Business and Website consultancy

Among the many things you should know about us, is our Business mentorship and website growth consultancy services. Here we help startups to grow their businesses and websites with our experience and expert mentorship delivery.


Website design

Our professional design service is unparalleled. We are experienced with all the major programming languages, CMS and website technologies. We have designed for countless businesses like Crypto, E-commerce, corporate businesses and personal blogs.  We equally offer website maintenance and repair services. Check out our satisfied customer reviews on google and Trustpilot.


App Development

We design custom apps for android and IOS with different technologies depending on your need. Many companies and businesses rely on us for responsive and user friendly apps to boost their engagement and revenue. Our deliverables always give the best ROI. You can also outsource to us for your software and app development projects


Content Creation

We have created amazing content for businesses and blogs that changed their stories; content that engages the audience. Our content creation spans blog posts, business promotion articles, professional and academic CVs/resume, court articles and academic work like school projects,  grad school application materials, etc.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services to help individuals and businesses get their products and services to the target customers. Our digital marketing promises and delivers the highest ROI, with our advanced automation tools. Have a product you need to market? Get in touch let’s get started opening a new financial door for you!


Online support hiring

Need expert customer care agents to provide 24/7 support to your clients? Our agents quickly assimilate your business and product details, and even go as far as doing industry research in order to give the best support experience for your business. We have boosted conversion and customer retention for businesses with our advanced support. Give us a try today!

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