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Get a faster website with our website speed optimization service with daily site speed monitoring and optimization from our best web developers. The faster your site, the happier your site visitors and the more coverage you get on search engines.

NB: we may require you to purchase, or pay for us to get certain plugins (For Wordpress and CMS users), if you do not already have them, for best results. We do not normally include this in our service fee. Because our clients may have their own preferences of tools they want us to use for them.

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Slow website? Nobody likes a slow website! People have a lot to do with their precious time rather than waiting for snail-speed sides to load before they could access their needs. Search engines too will not have time for you.  You will find that your Search engine ranking will continue to drop low and lower.  Slow sites could be as a result of failure to enable Gzip compression, uncleaned databases, content delivery issues, choice of themes and plugins (CMS eg wordpress), outdated scripts, and choice of web host among other causes.

What is to be done?

Save your time and leave the worry to us. Simply Subscribe to our site optimization service for a little fee  to get our experts look into your site and help speed it up by more than 90%. Our clients worldwide attest to our expert site  speed optimization services.

For a little fee we will continue to check your site, and keep it optimized as long as you continue to renew your subscription for the service.

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