Softaculous app installer which comes free with most hosting services that use Cpanel, has made it easy for people to easily set up applications with a single click inside their Cpanel. Softaculous aside the above feature also offers a backup facility which enables users and developers to easily back up their installations with a single click in less than 5 minutes.
This feature makes it easy for developers to make important changes on their websites, by providing a handy ‘safe’ copy of their installation that they can easily revert to If their changes should break or cause some critical errors on the website.
If you’re a developer and you haven’t familiarized yourself with this feature in Cpanel then you should do so.
Softaculous Apps Installer offers many other useful features which we’ll look at below.

What can you do with softaculous?

1. Install apps/softwares in one click.
We already discussed this above. It saves one all the trouble of manually downloading softwares from source sites and uploading to cpanel/hosting.

2. Creating Databases

You may not have noticed it, but each time you install an app/software through softaculous it automatically creates the databases and database user details and uses it to set up the config file for your website. You will probably not know what a good job softaculous is doing for you until you are given a custom script to upload and install. Without softaculous.

3. Backup and Restore Installations

As we briefly mentioned above, you can take, save and restore complete backups of your website/software installation in just a single click of the ‘back up’ or ‘restore’ buttons on your softaculous installations overview page. We don’t need to tell you how much of a time-saver this is.
4. Update installed scripts
Yes you read right. That is, if you’ve not used it before. Right on the same installations overview page of softaculous you will see an ‘Update/Upgrade’ button. There are some times when due to plugin or theme issues you would have difficulties updating wordpress, Joomla etc from Wp-admin or Admin dashboard. This can easily save the situation. What If your website wasn’t originally installed with softaculous? You can still manually add your installed scripts(wordpress, joomla, drupal etc) and enjoy this update feature. We’ll treat how to manually add your scripts to softaculous in future blog updates. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter using the subscribe form popup or on the homepage.

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5. Import Website from another server

You can use softaculous to import your website (running on ‘softaculous-recognized scripts’ eg WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc ) from a remote server into your current server. This makes it quick, easy and simple to migrate your site without much headache in matter of minutes. We’ll consider writing a guide on how to do that in our subsequent blog updates. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to get future updates sent direct to you by email.

We cannot overstate the importance of softaculous apps installer. Hosting companies very well understand this. That’s why on their hosting packages listing pages you’ll see it boldly written “Free One-Click Installer” or ” Free Apps Installer Included!”
In fact we recommend that you don’t consider patronizing any web host that is not offering free softaculous installer, unless you’re very sure that you have no need for it.

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