So you already have your website hosted and probably running on CMS (Content Management System). If you installed your script (WordPress, Joomla, WHMCS, Drupal, etc) through softaculous you’re already enjoying automatic updates and backups of your website using the powerfully easy softaculous updates and backup system.

What If your website script was not installed via softaculous, is it still possible to import them to softaculous and enjoy the many features of the software? The answer is YES!


How to Import your website into softaculous in four simple steps

  1. Login to your Cpanel and go to the softaculous tab, click there to go to the softaculous dashboard.

(Image from softaculous)

2. Search for the script you wish to import eg. wordpress. Once it loads, locate the ‘import‘ button at the right upper corner of the software display interface

(Image from softaculous)

3. Indicate the name of the directory in your public html where the script you wish to import is located eg. WP is now the directory, so you type in WP

(Image from softaculous)

4. Click Import. Softaculous will run the import and display a success message. That’s all! You will be able to automatically update your scripts, take full account backups, export website and much more, with softaculous.

(Image from softaculous)

What can you import to softaculous?

You can import any of the over  420 scripts supported by softaculous. Many of the scripts are free, but for those requiring license (eg. WHMCS) softaculous will require you to update the license information and that would be all, automated updates and one-click backups and restoration all the way!

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Still confused? Simply contact us and we’ll help you out. You can equally reach out to us If you’re having any issues or challenges with your website. We also have an experienced team with many years of professional experience in Cpanel, WHMCS, WHM and server management. We are a click away!

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