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    We always advise our clients to get in touch with us first before ordering for a website design. This is to make sure that we understand and give you exactly what you need at appropriate at the cost. It is not in our policy to make extra charges after a project has been initiated, unless a client changes their mind on the specifics of their website. This is why we like to get every necessary information before you proceed to pay and initiate the project.

    How to communicate?

    You can reach out via

    1. The support ticket (Recommended): This keeps the conversation flow open until the completion of your project. Our tickets are often replied in matter of minutes, so you don’t have to wait for long to get update.
    2. Live chat button: You can also reach out via the live chat button on our website.


    We recommend the support tickets to enable you track all the discussions about your website, from start to completion of the project.

    Why you should make contact before placing order

    The prices on the site are default, and are limited to certain website types. When you make contact we will evaluate your needs and together we can arrive a price that suits your pocket and project. This way a custom order will be created for you based on conclusions.


    If you place order for website design without contacting us

    In this case we will evaluate the details you provided during checkout, if your needs match our default pricing we will contact you and initiate your project. But in the case where your website specific needs are above the default pricing the project will be on hold and you will be sent the full cost, to pay the balance, after which your project will be initiated.  There will be no refunds for this kind of situation. This is why we strongly advise to get in touch first.

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