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What is popads network?

When talking about one of the best ADSENSE alternatives, You will be missing out a lot if POPADS is not counted. Popads remains at the top of most widely used Popunder, and recently announced, banner ads providers. In this review we will look at how the popular ad network has performed. They have been known for years of satisfactory service to advertisers and publishers as well.  We have many clients that have been using popads for decades and they have not abandoned the provider yet. That is a good signal of their wonderful performance! In case you are just hearing about them for the first time, let’s take you through the basics about popads netowk.

How to make money from popads

Popads  has a program that accommodates both advertisers and publishers. They have a simple but very functional dashboard where a member can access both publisher and advertiser tools to monetize their content.

who is a popads publisher?

A publisher is someone who has a source of traffic and monetizes this traffic by displaying Ads from popads (or any other network) to his audience. Most of popads publishers are bloggers, and business website owners. If you have your own blog you can apply to popads network, approval usually comes between 24-48 hours. Popads doesn’t reject low traffic sites, so don’t worry if you are just starting out. In case you do not have a blog but wish to have one you can easily get a blog here at a very affordable price. You can still book a free virtual appointment with us to get help with getting a blog.

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Who is a popads advertiser?

If you have products or services you need to advertise but do not have an audience/traffic then you will be needing to get a publisher account. Popads makes it so easy that you can choose your price, in fact you have total control of your ads, with full monitoring and management. If you are just starting out in your business and have challenges in budget, popads will still accommodate you as there are publishers who accept ads with any bid amount. You might say you do not have experience with the process, popads has you covered as their ads system is automated. You can check their knowledgebase for easy guide on setting up your ads and managing your advertiser account.

How to Integrate Popads

Popads ad code is very easy to integrate no matter the platform your website is built on. They have a comprehensive knowledgebase to guide you step by step,  on ads integration and how to manage your publisher account.

Popads payments and withdrawal limits

Popads has so many payout methods that will suit anyone, and they are mostly processed in matter of hours, after withdrawal request.

  1. Daily Processed Paypal payments with $5 minimum
  2. Daily processed Bitcoin payments with $20.00 USD minimum.
  3. Daily processed Webmoney, Qiwi Wallet and Yandex.Money payouts at a small fee (as these payouts are handled by a 3rd party) at a minimum of $5.00 USD.
  4. Daily payouts to Capitalist.net accounts at no extra fee at a minimum of $5.00 USD.
  5. Daily payouts to a bank-issued Visa or Mastercard debit and credit card (will not work for any prepaid or gift card) through Visa Direct and Mastercard Send. Minimal withdrawal of $20.00 USD.
  6. Daily payouts through Bitwage.com
  7. Wire payouts with $2000 minimum
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Bitwage is their latest payment partner and will allow you to receive payments via:

  • ACH transfers (for example to a US bank account or a Payoneer card),
  • cryptocurrency payments in BTC, ETH, BCH, USDC,
  • Local bank payments in BRL, CLP, MXN, ARS, UAH, GBP,
  • Local EUR bank payments in SEPA countries.

At this moment, in order to facilitate swift daily Bitwage payment processing, they have costs of around 5%, hence there is a 5% withdrawal fee on their end. Additionally, there is a small fee on the Bitwage side depending on the selected payment method (2% for stablecoins, 1% for other payout methods).

There are also some additional payout methods that they are working on and should be available in the coming months, such us:

  1. Daily processed local currency bank transfers.
  2. Daily processed USD SWIFT transfers.
  3. Local cash pickup services in a number of countries.
  4. Lowering fees for Bitwage withdrawals.

So you see, Popads is very well deserving of their worldwide high reputation. There is a place on popads for anyone who has business to advertise or traffic to monetize.


PopAds.net - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

How good is PopAds Network?
  • Ease of Approval
  • Integration
  • Payouts
  • Support


Popads ranks top on the list of ad networks for many reasons, from their easy approval process, to their diverse payment gateways and prompt payments. Additionally They have a place for advertisers no matter your budget and easily approves websites that meet the minimum requirements regardless of traffic. That means that even if you are just starting out , you still have the chance to get a taste of the unique Popads experience. They do not have livechat  but email support typically replies in a day. For the type of service they offer, this is not vey bad, although livechat would have been excellent.

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  1. Easy approvals
  2. Simple and user-friendly dashboard
  3. Combined dashboard, makes it easy for a user to access both advertiser and publisher tools without having to create separate accounts
  4. Easy ad integration
  5. Accommodates advertisers with low budget
  6. Automated ad management
  7. Diverse withdrawal gateways
  8. Low minimum withdrawal amount, even people just starting out can cash out without waiting for their revenue to hit the mountains before withdrawing
  9. You can withdraw as many times as you want so far as you have money in your wallet.
  10. Email Support


No livechat support

Comments Rating 4.38 (2 reviews)


  • Sara Evans

    Best alternative to Adsense!

    • Ease of Approval
    • Integration
    • Payouts
    • Support

    I just got the newsletter update now and read the review.
    Popads is simply the best Adsense alternative. If not for the multi ad formats advantage of adsense popads would have made a great competition for google adsense.

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  • Estrella Anderson Swaine

    Good Ad nework

    They are not bad, if you are comfortable with their type of ADs

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  • Ease of Approval
  • Integration
  • Payouts
  • Support