Events of the year so far

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The year 2020 remains one of the most phenomenal years in human history. Immediately after the new year the whole world seemed to be shaken from its very core.¬† Incidents preceded each other like never before; wild fires, the airplane crashes in Iran and Pakistan; the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant; the violence trailing the killing of George Floyd; the horrible explosion in Beirut, and various natural disasters ‚Äď all in one year!

As if that was not enough, as America neared her presidential elections, just in the heat of the campaigns, the country’s number one citizen, Donald Trump got hit with the deadly COVID19, but thanks to the sophistication of the healthcare available to him in his capacity, he came out unscathed.

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Just coming out of that, protests and violence erupted in various parts of the world; protests that spread as far as the sub-Saharan Africa; #EndSARS in Nigeria, #ZimbabweanLivesMatter in Zimbabwe, #ShutItAllDown in Namibia, #CongoIsBleeding in Congo; amongst others.

Mistakes to avoid this year

This year has been a very different one, and one for everyone to be extra cautious. With the events that have rocked us so far in this year, here are top mistakes you should avoid, to successfully see the end of this year;

1. Don’t get into relationships that do not contribute positively to your life:

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Believe it or not, your success or failure starts with your relationships. This fateful year is not one to engage in relationships that do not encourage you to be better than you were.¬† This year with all the incidents has seen people and economies backward by many steps, that could take very long and a lot of hard work to cover up. Any relationship that is not taking you steps forward should be immediately reconsidered. Your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend; do you see them pushing you forward, back on your feet from the deep fall of the events of this year? Does he or she ask to know your plans to survive these times? Do they contribute equal energy to keep your relationship going?¬† If not then you need to reconsider. You need all the energy you can get to recover from the impacts of the year’s events. Think again, consider it wisely, do not waste your energy on white elephant relationships that end up draining you of your motivation and resources that you could use to get back on your feet and move forward!

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2. Don’t¬† invest carelessly:

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No doubt this year came with a lot of investments and opportunities; but how many of them are genuine? The number of people scammed this year surpasses that of 2019 by more than times 3! Scammers are taking advantage of any slightest opportunity. I recall many cases just some few months back where many people submitted their bank details on a website that was supposed to to be used to distribute aid funds from governments and NGOs. Many of these people had their bank accounts emptied. Many people joined different ponzi schemes coming in different guises, most of these schemes never yielded any benefit. The social media is rife with people reporting that they had been duped or deceived into making payments to fraudulent schemes. Most of the time these funds never come back. This year, the lockdown has eaten really deep into people’s life savings. Everyone is looking for all means to recover. Be careful, do not lose the little you have in a bid to get it all in the twinkle of an eye. Take your time to investigate every investment before putting your resources in it.

  3. Do not overlook your personal welfare!

Everything about your success, starts and ends with you. If you overlook your personal wellbeing, all you’re fighting for might be in vain if you break down or lose your life. So I recommend that you;

a. Eat well.

You don’t have to be very rich to be healthy. The little you have, put it to maximum¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†use. Take care of your body.

b. Exercise regularly:

Take regular exercise to keep in shape. covid and other disasters do not mean the end of the world. A lot more is coming, you need to be fit to face and survive the new normal.

c. Develop your mind:

Take time to meditate, socialize, read, learn and develop ideas.  You will have yourself to thank when it starts paying off. Your mental health will have a big boost if you follow this advice.

4. Do not take anything too seriously!

No matter what happens, do not allow yourself to get so worked up with anything that you start losing focus. High blood pressure is no respecter of anybody. Some people report that they no longer watch most of the news, just to save themselves some unnecessary depression. protect your mind. Be careful about the things you get stressed up over. Take control of your own emotions. Understand the fact that this life is very brief. Live life to the fullest, as best as you would like to be remembered.

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5.Be careful to understand people.

Many times we do not get to sit down and think things through and end up getting used by people to satisfy their own purpose to our own detriment. Do not be a pawn in people’s hands, especially this of all times! Understand this one thing, man is selfish in nature, when people come to you, they have something in mind. Do not let yourself think that everyone out there is as nice or as simple as you are. The world is deeper than that, even much deeper in these dangerous times. People are not all that they pretend to be. Inasmuch as I advice to be careful, do not lose your good heart, maintain your original self, this is who you are!

I want to wish everyone the very best of the remainder of this year, especially in these ’ember’ times. May the odds be in our favor.


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