Have you heard of Novacupid online dating? We have an exciting news for you!

This is different from our usual updates you say? Let’s take a break here! 😂

Actually one of our guys while loafing around on the web past weekend stumbled upon this website Novacupid and he quickly rushed in to explore. We’re sharing his report for a change to our routinely ‘all-business’ updates.

Did you know that you can get paid for all the pics and videos you post on Instagram, FB and WhatsApp statuses? Did you know that you can get paid to date? Have you been looking for a platform to meet new people, and find your next date in your neighborhood or anywhere in the world?

Want to know what we’re talking about? Read on!

Novacupid is the hottest online dating platform, offering something that no other dating website offers—Income generation!

Most online dating websites charge their users, and offer them access to their website features like chat, Webcam video calls, etc., Novacupid offers all of these, other exciting features and a highly paying income program for all users, where users can convert their activity credits into real money, withdrawable with PayPal!

Their website is so very lovely on any type of device!

What’s Novacupid about?

Novacupid offers a unique online dating experience with exciting features like
1. Finding with a single click, single people in your locality, or anywhere!
2. Chat and make friends
3. Realtime Webcam Video calls
4. Exchange of gifts
5. Instagram style Stories updates and Stories’ Albums
6. Connect with Facebook!
7. Boost profiles to be seen in searches
8. Earn credits and cash out anytime!
9. Paypal Supported!
10. Dedicated support and much more!

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How does Novacupid work?

1. Visit the website
2. Register with your email or connect with Facebook
3. Verify your email address to activate account.
NB your account will be automatically deleted if email is not verified
4. You’ll receive free 500 credits
5. Verify your ID in your account dashboard
6. Enter your location to find and hook up with singles in your area.
7. Add your stories and photo albums just as on Instagram.
8. Chat and interact more with with webcam video calls.
9. Boost your profile to get on the top of search results, to be discovered by more people.

Making money on Novacupid

* When people see and like your stories (videos and pics) and albums you’ll get more credits.
*When people comment on your stories you’ll get credits
*when people message you, you’ll get credits
*When people call you, all the credits spent by the person for the call will be transferred to your wallet
* When people send you virtual gifts, the credit equivalent of the gifts will be transferred to your wallet
And more exciting ways to earn!

Cashing out
*You can request to withdraw your earning anytime once you have up to $15, ensure to have a working PayPal account!

Spending credits
* Credits are spent on activities on the site, like video calls, sending gifts, and other interactions.

Tips to make more credits on Novacupid
*Update your Bio, make it attractive
*Add your Photo so that your friends can know it’s you
3. Add interesting stories (Videos and pics)
4. Boost your profile
5. Invite your friends, grow your connection.
6. Enjoy yourself, feel free to meet and connect and date!
7. See your wallet grow!

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