I am sure that we already have heard a lot about websites and blogs (for those who do not already have) and how much money people make online through it. Many of us too might be considering taking on blogging as a hobby or as a way to market our products and services. But do you really know what blogging is?

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What is blogging?

Blogging is all about sharing information to an audience. It could be information about business, adventures, games, school, entertainment; information about anything at all.

In the old times people normally gathered at saloons, coffee shops, village squares and other sorts of social gatherings to discuss. Education then was majorly informal. People told stories of their journeys, adventures and interests. People spent time at gatherings that discussed things that matched their interests.

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These days, with everything going online, people working all day and even throughout the night; there is not much time to gather and tell stories or share experiences as in the old times. People spend more of their time online. This held a clear indication that learning, working and even leisure were all going to go virtual.  We moved from social gatherings to social media. Anybody with an intention to share information that would catch attention had to look for audience at the only place where they could be found- online.

With time people acquired Web spaces (web hosting) and built their own virtual spaces where they shared knowledge, resources and even gossips as in the old times. With the help of google and adequate search engine optimization¬† they attract people who are exactly interested in their type of storytelling or knowledge. This is where the idea of blogging came up. With the advent of social media, even close friends and families might not give you attention anymore, as everyone would be on their favorite platform seeking their own interests. You could turn your Facebook page into a blog, or your Instagram, or any other social media, provided¬† you are getting something out of it. You can build your own website and use it to blog too, so far as you’re reaching your target audience, and keeping them engaged.

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These days many people are able to live in luxury, by just sharing information on their blogs, from the comfort of their homes. It might be a bit more complicated than just lying down on your couch and spinning information. It also comes with a lot of work. You need to find your information, you need to get the right information for your target audience.

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Most people who rush into blogging these days get frustrated before they even get into the main thing because they at times run out of information that will keep an audience. And of course you can’t keep sharing the same old information over and over again. You need to be saying something new that people do not already know, something that is new and interesting enough for them to want to spend their time reading or listening to you.

So now that you know, do you want to be a blogger?? Let’s hear what you think in the comment box!