About the Ozconsultz Brand Ambassador Program

Have you got good marketing skills? Have you got a good following on social media?
Did you know that you can harness these skills to earn up to $500 or more per month as our Brand Ambassador?


Our Brand Ambassadors are our face to the world out there, representing our brand and what we do to their audience online and offline.  They are people who have interest in our products and services and can effectively project them to potential clients.  A brand ambassador identifies potential clients and helps them get in touch with our services. This requires them to have an in-depth knowledge of everything we do. Their duties include:

  1. Promoting our services and brand online and offline
  2. Creating content for such promotions
  3. Helping clients access our services
  4. Organizing and attending physical or virtual programs for our brand, when required.
  5. Feel free to make suggestions on improvement of our services based on interactions with potential clients and good competitor analysis
  6. And more.

Learn New Skills

Ozconsultz brand ambassadors get the chance to learn in the process as they have to learn deeply into our operations to be able to project same to clients. For example, to project website design, you have to have knowledge of various terminologies and other connected vocabulary involved in website design. By acquiring such knowledge you can easily provide answers to questions from potential clients and be able to convince them to use Ozconsultz website design services. You will be able to know various prices, and custom website request situations where you will need to escalate the request to a Ticket Support Level, where our team will assist you to close the deal. The commission will reflect on your dashboard upon successful closure. This applies to our other services whose exact prices are not listed on our website. Our support team is always there 24/7 to assist you, should you need more information or assistance to close a deal.

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Different ways to earn

As a brand ambassador there are many ways and many products and services to earn from. You are provided with marketing tools in your dashboard, along with your personal code/link that you can use on your website, blogs, social media etc. You can promote the whole site and earn from any successful sale on any product or service from the whole site, or you can choose a particular product or page and generate the link or code right in your dashboard. Our cookies can save clicks up to 360 days. Meaning that if someone clicks your link , but made no purchase/deal immediately, if they come back anytime within 360 days and make purchase it would be tracked to your personal code/link and you will get commission.


As a brand ambassador, you are paid commissions for every successful referral that you bring to us, and many times, the ambassadors driving the highest traffic get bonuses on top of their earnings. When you reach up to 100 successful referrals your earning percentage is increased and you are automatically upgraded to level two.

Earn from downlines

As an Ozconsultz brand ambassador you can also earn when you introduce and mentor other people into the program, as you will get a percentage of everything that they earn, as your downlines. You can also earn from their own downlines as well.

Earn from Traffic

You will receive detailed reports of your performance and traffic in your ambassador dashboard and in your email occasionally. The more traffic your code/link gets to our website/products/services, the more chances of you getting selected for monthly traffic bonuses, being offered to our performing ambassadors.

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Get recognized

As our brand ambassador you can let your networks know that you are associated with us. This could be your social media profiles, etc. This will add to your experience and we will gladly give you  written recommendations based on your role , in support of any applications you may need such for.  This could be a boost on your resume too, as part of your experience


Be our ambassador for as long as you want!

Our brand ambassador program does not expire or require renewals, you will be our ambassador for as long as you are capable. But do inform us if you no longer wish to continue, as directed in our terms and conditions for the program

To learn more about this program and to apply, visit the program page